Final Cut Pro Essentials, Part 1

In this series I'll explore the basic concepts and inner workings of FCPX that everybody trying to learn FCPX has to have a solid grasp of. It's going to be less about editing per se, but more about things like media-management and real-life tipps and tricks that will make your life with FCPX easier.

In this episode I explain the different ways of working with media files inside FCPX, specifically the "Managed Library" versus the "External Library" and the "Lean Library", which is a special form of "External Library".

Although I did quite a few software trainings over the years it's my first ever tutorial-video, so don't judge me too hard on the recitation. Nevertheless let me know if you have questions, comments or feedback. Also let me know what kind of topics would interest you for future tutorials.

— Florian